A Bowl of Penang Road Famous Teochew Cendul + Laksa for ONLY RM3.90 @ Newest Bagan Ajam Branch

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A Bowl of Penang Road Famous Teochew Cendul + Laksa for ONLY RM3.90 @ Newest Bagan Ajam Branch

Coupon Terms

  • For dine-in only.
  • Limited to 1 coupon per person per visit.
  • May buy many coupons for different visits.
  • Multiple coupons may be purchased as gifts for friends & family members.
  • Multiple coupons allowed per bill.
  • Reservation not required. First come first serve basis.
  • Coupons valid for whole day dining from 11am – 10pm.
  • Coupons valid on any day including weekends & public holidays.
  • Coupons valid from 16th September – 15th December, 2011.
  • See Universal Terms that apply to all Everyday Coupons.

  • Strictly pork free.
  • Penang Road Famous Teochew Cendul founded since 1945.
  • Serving Penangites’ favorite desserts (chendul, ice kacang) & street snacks (Teochew laksa, rojak, etc) at affordable price.
  • 7 branches nationwide, newest being the Bagan Ajam branch; all having the same great old traditional taste!
  • Cozy and relaxing environment with charming ambiance.
  • Comfortable dining area to enjoy your meal.
  • Full air-conditioned dining area & outdoors smoking area.
  • Friendly and cordial services.
  • Free WiFi.
  • A perfect meeting place for business talk and enjoys a good conversation with your friends.
  • Convenient location & ample parking space.

The Company

Penang Road Famous Teochew Cendul
Bagan Ajam Branch
G-33, Jalan Terbilang, Taman Terbilang,
13000 Bagan Ajam, Butterworth, Penang.

Business Hours:
Opens Daily: 11am – 10pm

The contact number will be available on Everyday coupon when the deal ends.


Penang Road Famous Teochew Cendul 檳榔律潮州煎蕊

Penang Road Famous TeoChew Cendul

Penang Road Famous TeoChew Cendul

Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul has a history to be proud of. It was foundedsome 5 decades ago in 1945 by the late Tan Teik Fuang. Originally, Indians are the ones selling chendul but because the founder’s chendul tasted better, it quickly became very popular. Now, his three sons,Tan Chong Khoay, Tan Chong Seng and Tan Chong Kim are running the family business.

As the popularity of this dessert is fast increasing, the Tan brothers had brought their special treats to other parts of the country by opening new branches in other states. There are now 7 branches nationwide, the newest being the Bagan Ajam branch.

All branches operate under strict quality control. Rest assured that all branches have the same great taste. But, remember to look out for the Penang Famous Teochew Chendul logo!

Penang Road Famous TeoChew Cendul
Mouth-watering Desserts!

The new branch at Bagan Ajam provides an impressive environment and excellent service to suit any mood and taste throughout the day. Take some time off to taste the delicious snacks (rojak) and Penang favorite street food (laksa, nasi lemak), delightful desserts(chendul, ice kacang) and a large selection of fresh fruit juices and beverages.

Penang Road Famous TeoChew Cendul
Snacks & Penang Favorites!

What You Get When You Purchase This Everyday Coupon?

    • A Bowl of Penang Road Famous Original Teochew Chendul
  • A Bowl of Penang Road Famous Teochew Laksa

$105.00 $350.00







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